With Dotnetnuke Hosting You Manage Your Website with Ease

dotnetnuke hosting

For those who have the desire to create and develop a website but does not have the credential with the ability to manage it, managing a website should be a hard thing to do. But in order to start, those kinds of people need some guidance so that they get some enlighten in terms of managing a website. Actually there are some software systems that basically in form of website. One of them is DotNetNuke or we can call it DNN, a website management of content system which the framework works as shared source. Shared source means that we can get the source code as much as we want and of course as easy as we want to. DotNetNuke has the ability to manage the content of the website dynamically which also provides some interactive templates.

Plug-in Support

The best thing about this DNN is that we can make our website by any kinds of supportive programming language. You can use those programming language to create modules and then distribute or install those modules in a single file. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about the any illegal issues regarding the law aspects that you may find in some other cases. The license of the Dotnetnuke Hosting allows you to modify, distribute, or even sell it like any other product that under the license of Microsoft. So for those people who are work with this kind of website managing software will be easier to design their website without even have to go through all of the difficult process just to get legal license for the plug in that they are created for their own website.


API stands for the Application Programming Interface; this is a feature that DotNetNuke has which allows the users to build some applications based on ASP.Net by using the API. The best thing is that this API which exists inside the DNN is full of function; this will help the developers that focus on selling their application for their business. You can make your application in the fastest way that you ever find in any application making process which based on common ASP.NET. In terms of security, layout, themes, web farm, and authentication, this DotNetNuke has covered it all inside the API that it has. The result is a faster process in the making of the application and also a better result compare to other.


After all the explanation above, the developer does not have to take second thoughts of using this DotNetNuke webhosting in order to manage their website. The easiness that the DNN offers are the best features that you can have, moreover if you have the plan to deploy your project as commercial website, applications, online portal for business and other kind usage of the website in terms of business. The fast and great results from the process that exist in DotNetNuke have already a best reason to start with. Its license that allows you to use it without need to worry about the law aspects that most Microsoft products get problem to is another great reason that will not necessarily force you to use it.